Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy 21st Hoggies

To celebrate Hog's Breath Cafe's 21st birthday, all diners that bought an 18 hour Prime Rib received a special 21% off card and all Frequent Diner card holders [like Sammy and myself] were given a free limited edition Hog's Breath Steak Knife.

I ordered my usual 'El Grande' in a Boss Hog Cut Prime Rib [33% thicker] and added the very tasty chili sauce from an entree of 'Curly Fries'.

Today [August 14, 2010] marks 18 months since Sammy and I had our first date at the Carindale Hog's Breath. So we too had something to celebrate and were joined by the group of like minded people that assist with us every month at S&U.

Here is Jono looking like a 5 year old at Christmas morning with this massive Rocky Road dessert, whilst Sammy and I shared the classic Mississippi Mud cake [below]


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