Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vicky Point

"So guess what, I am a "Hogstar", I've got my hog shirt and feel alright." This is a quick snap of the cool "Hogstar" shirts we acquired. We'll wear them for the next adventure :)

Ok I admit, I've not been keeping a true hog blog and since the last post, we have celebrated Jono's birthday...
...and had at least 2 others dinners at the City and Carindale including bringing in the New Year. So in celebrating 2 years of Sammy and me [our journey of life,] we went to Hoggies at Victoria Point. We were going to go back to where it all began at Carindale [Feb 14, 2009], however during our last visit there, [NYE] we discovered that the original Hoggies was gone and that they had moved into the shopping centre near the cinema and it just wasn't the same for us...

So it was a bit of drive further east to Vicky Point where we had Food, Glorious Food...
Here is me looking a little 'sociably excited' although at this stage, I'd only had one Barcadi and coke.
For dinner I had the El Grande Prime Rib with everything on the side and nice glass of Shiraz.
Sammy :)
Sammy ran with the Byron Bay Chili Prime Rib. This is actually quite nice, though I do have to question the "7" for hotness that Hoggies have given it.


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