Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Answer To Life...

The Answer To Life, The Universe And 25 not 42.  2014 is the 25th year of Hogs Breath Cafe and the famous 18 hour prime rib steak.

To help our friend Aaron celebrate turning 21 again, we [Sammy, kids, myself and heap of others] all gathered at what seems to be our favorite Hogs Breath Cafe located at Carindale Shopping Centre.

Happy Birthday Aaron
Love your shirt :p In fact all three of us have celebrated turning 21 again right here at HBC, Carindale.  

Mini TK B'Day Cakes   
 Geeky but sooo cool :)

OK, so on to the serious stuff - 18 hour steak.   

The MEGA cut formally known as a Boss Hog Cut is [IMO] the only way to have this steak.  It is tender and succulent and massive.  Tonights 18 hour prime was a Hickory with mash and veg.  A true HBC classic.
Sammy went for a traditional cut with avocado, salad and HBC's famed curly fries.    

Thanks again to Captain Kirk and staff for the great Hogspitality and we will be back again soon.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fried Cheese and Chilli Jam = YUM

It has been a while since I posted anything on here.  Rest assured, we have been enjoying 18 hour Prime Rib for a few visits now including Sammy's birthday last year where I would like to give a big [and well over due] thank you to Captain Kirk [store manager] at the Carindale Hogs Breath  Cafe.  

Just quickly on [and sorry I don't have an image on hand], normally when you go to celebrate your birthday at a Hoggies, you get your steak and you get a free slice of mud cake.  In this instance, Sammy got one of those massive balloon glasses of Rocky Road!  Both Sammy and myself hoked in and could not finish it.  Did I say massive?  So yeah, we were both tickled pink [about the same colour as the Hogster himself] for that.  

Anyway, I normally blog about the 18 hour steak and I thought it would be nice to blog about other things that are on the menu.  And this is one of them.  Essentially this is fried cheese sticks [crumbed] and served with a jalapeno chilli jam.  It should be hot, instead it has a slight tang and an almost sweet sensation to it.  Really nice as a starter.  So the next time I go to a Hogs Breath Cafe, these will be on the order :)

Mark & Sammy

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Birthday At Hoggies

Where else to celebrate my Birthday this year?  Hogs Breath Cafe of course.  Back to Carindale again where we seem to have our own booth.  For the last 3 visits, we have been seated at the same location.  Must be perk that goes with writing a HOG BLOG :)

 Sammy went with her favorite, the Byron Bay Chilli and I went with an old favorite, the Smoked Hickory.  Both are 18 hour steaks cooked to perfection! 
And to complete the night, a HUGE slice of their famous Mud Cake.  

A massive thank you to the staff at the Carindale Store for making my birthday this year special.  


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Happy Valentines Day and 3 Years On

3 years ago [February 14, 2009], I took Samantha out to dinner at the Hogs Breath Cafe at Carindale for our first date. Three years on and we decided we should celebrate where it all began...with the "piglets" in tow :)

Our Gift from Hogs Breath Cafe
I would to thank Kirk [manager] and his friendly staff for not only their awesome service, but for arranging this very special gift on arrival. Once I said my name, the person on the reception announced "the Techers are here" and when we were brought to our table, we found these glasses and bottle of sparkling wine waiting for us. It was totally unexpected and it really made us feel special, so again, thank you Kirk and your staff for arranging this gift and making our special night even better.

Our Mains
I went my usual "El Grandi" and Sammy went her favorite, the "Byron Bay Chilli" Prime Rib [18 hour] Steak. Once again, both cooked to perfection :)

And then onto...


And for dessert, what else if not the famous Mississippi Mud?

Sammy's V-Day Gift
And this year, instead of roses [I did buy her a Singapore Orchid and some chocolates], I bought Sammy a new charm [the hippo on the right] for her new Pandora bracelet.


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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hoggies at Port Douglas

We recently celebrated Sammy's birthday at Hogs Breath, Port Douglas [far north QLD]. Given it was a part of our holiday, we decided to stay a while and take in the local scenes - along with an awesome 18 hour steak. I would like to thank John [Manager] for his amazing service. I'd have to say that out of all the dinning experiences at Hoggies over the years, no one has come as close to the level of service. I know Hog's breath head office is now aware of this blog and it seems to have paid off as we got treated like celebrities from our arrival including a special visit from the Hogstar himself.

Fried Cheese!
For starters we had fried cheese sticks. These are scrumptious and because they are still in a gel state, are very hot.

Byron Bay Chilli Prime Rib

Our mains were, naturally, were 18 hour prime ribs. I decided on the simple smoked hickory with mash and vegies and Birthday Girl Sammy had a Byron Bay Chilli prime rib. My steak was cooked to perfection. In the past, I have had to order the steak "rare" to get the meat cooked to the way I like it. In this case, the steak came out medium rare and was perfect.

Hickory Prime Rib

And to top off the night, MUD CAKE! This is not the standard birthday size cake. It was HUGE!
Sammy's new favorite drink
The Birthday Girl was allowed to have what ever she wanted, so a cocktail it was - for starters :)

The main street of Port Douglas reminded me of Noosa, just a bit warmer in December. The Cafe is located near the Marina Marage, a short walk from the main street, so for any Hog's Breath fans holidaying up in Port Douglas, do yourself a flavour favor and visit the local Hog's Breath and say HI to John and his friendly staff.


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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Casual Sunday Lunch

Normally when we go to Hoggies, we go for 18 hour STEAK, however on a lovely sunny day (as Sunday the 28th was) who could pass up a lunch for less than 10 bucks?

Hoggies were offering an August special of lunch for $9.90. The menu is limited but tasty :) Sammy and I went for the Caesar Chicken wrap and curly fries and I must say, I was fully satisfied with what came out. You actually get 2 wraps and a heap of fries, so basically double what is shown above.

We also got to trade up our Hoggies 21st B'Day [21% off] cards to full 25% frequent dinners cards and the lady that served us even swiped them to give us 25% off the lunch bill! Very happy with that.


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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Visit From The Hogster

Hogsbreath, Carindale seemed to be a fitting place to celebrate my 40th, and Sammy not only arranged my party, she also arranged a special visitor - the Hogster himself.

And to top off the night, the Hogster gave me a special present :)

My own Hogsbreath dinner plate.


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