Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hyperdome, Loganholme

Its only been 2 weeks [apparently], it just felt much longer and we decided we needed a steak fix after our movie [How To Train Your Dragon 3D], so off to Hoggies we [as in the lovely Sammy and myself] went.

Whilst there are many tasty items on the Hogs Breath Cafe menu, I only ever order their prime Ribs. Tonight I went way left of right and ordered Caesar Salad instead of my usual vegetables and fries combo. I had the "Hickory" Prime Rib with mash and Sammy ordered the Byron Bay Chili with a side of mash and veg.
Hoggies rate this chili at 7/10 for hotness, yet I am not convinced. Sure it has some sting and I might even go so far as to classify it as an "afterburner" [you eat it, then after you swallow, it stings a little], however nothing compared to some of the things we eat that are "hot". If this is a 7/10, then those dishes are an 11. Sammy eats hotter things than me and doesn't even raise a sweat.

Naturally as frequent diners at Hog's Breath Cafe, we both have our frequent diner's cards that give us a cool 25% off the bill [meals, not drinks] which usually works out to a free Mud Cake for me :]


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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hoggies at Hasting Street, Noosa

A message from a seasoned HOGGER:

Its back!!! Rather than re-hash the old Hogs Breath Cafe Blog, I've done a new HOG BLOG which will feature me and my lovely partner Sammy.

I think she wins the "hottest wife' award and she's not even my wife, yet :)

So if you've not been to Hogs Breath before, this is how it works. Their slogan states "the best a steak can get" and this is due to both the cut of meat [prime rib] and the slow cooking process [18 hours!!!]

You get the choice of traditional cut [pictured above], lite cut or the BOSS HOG cut [33% thicker than the traditional]. I generally go the traditional as the steak is large enough for me.

Because these steaks are cooked for 18 hours and are thick, DO NOT ask for it to be well done. To do so is just plain wrong. If you like your meat "burnt to a crisp", then order a standard steak and don't waste one of these. The Prime Rib steaks come best severed as "medium rare" which is quite pink in the centre. Again, the steak is cooked even if appears not to be and will be succulent and juicy.

My steak is called "El Grande" and is the Prime Rib topped with a creamy cheese sauce, spicy salsa and jalapeno peppers - YUM!!! with a side of Curly Fries and veggies.

Other choices of sides you can have include baked or mashed potato and garden salad.

One very happy Hogger :)


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