Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Answer To Life...

The Answer To Life, The Universe And 25 not 42.  2014 is the 25th year of Hogs Breath Cafe and the famous 18 hour prime rib steak.

To help our friend Aaron celebrate turning 21 again, we [Sammy, kids, myself and heap of others] all gathered at what seems to be our favorite Hogs Breath Cafe located at Carindale Shopping Centre.

Happy Birthday Aaron
Love your shirt :p In fact all three of us have celebrated turning 21 again right here at HBC, Carindale.  

Mini TK B'Day Cakes   
 Geeky but sooo cool :)

OK, so on to the serious stuff - 18 hour steak.   

The MEGA cut formally known as a Boss Hog Cut is [IMO] the only way to have this steak.  It is tender and succulent and massive.  Tonights 18 hour prime was a Hickory with mash and veg.  A true HBC classic.
Sammy went for a traditional cut with avocado, salad and HBC's famed curly fries.    

Thanks again to Captain Kirk and staff for the great Hogspitality and we will be back again soon.


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