Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hogs-ploring at Aspley

Last night [Saturday the 17th of July], Sammy and I decided to go "Hogsploring". As we wanted to visit a HOG'S BREATH CAFE that neither of us had previously been to, we decided on Aspley on Brisbane's north.
We opted for "alfresco" dinning option which was a tad on the cold side...Somehow I think if we didn't want to eat in the great outdoors, we might not have been eating at this Hoggies. It was pretty busy which is a good thing.
Both of us ordered our usual "El-Grande", both medium rare. I had everything on the side with curly fries and Sammy opted for mash and veggies.

The steaks came out and were complimented with this Shiraz which is fairly new to their wine list and which I quite enjoyed.

And to round off the meal, their famous "Mississippi Mud Cake" with cream and Ice Cream on the side.



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